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Welcome to Panbo Systems BV
Panbo systems is the most innovative construction, climate control and consultancy company in the mushroom industry. With more than twenty years of experience, and projects all over the world, Panbo systems stands at the top of the international mushroom industry.

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Mushroom Business
Mushroom Business wrote some articles about our customers and their project. Here you can find what they said about their cooperation with Panbo: "All the other suppliers naturally wanted to build my new farm, but in my mind they failed to offer the customisation I was after..

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Mushroom farms
Panbo systems bv has developed its own construction concept for mushroom farms. In the traditional way of building the growing rooms are “build” in a building with a separate roof construction and a steel structure. Panbo already eliminated the roof construction with their “flat roof system”.
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MUBIC. Mushroom and biogas production in a circular economy.
MUBIC is a full-scale demonstration project aimed to create a resource cycle between biogas- and mushroom production for energy and nutrient recovery. This project is led by Advanced Substrate Technologies (AST) and Panbo Systems BV and is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2. Open website.