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About us

Panbo systems is the most innovative construction, climate control and consultancy company in the mushroom industry.
Our key competences are based on more than twenty-five years of worldwide experience, a highly skilled team, a complete understanding of the processes and the ability to optimize those processes for our customers.

Panbo has all the knowledge, expertise and experience to realize a project turn-key. We are a worldwide adviser and supplier
for substrate preparation facilities, mushroom farms and computer controlled climate installation.

In order to optimize production processes we design every project specifically to the local circumstances and desires of  our customers. But additionally we also developed a standardized production facility for both substrate and mushrooms. These facilities are largely prefabricated in our factories allowing us to offer a unique combination; the highest quality for the lowest price!

The people who work at Panbo have a lot of experience in the mushroom industry. In construction and climate control but also
as former growers and compost makers. It is our believe that you need a complete understanding of the processes before you can design the equipment to optimize those processes.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire the world of mushrooms.

We want to team up with our partners all over the world and create new infrastructures for the production of mushrooms and all
related products. We want to inspire and be inspired by the people we work with. And we want to keep innovating to make
mushrooms available to a larger part of the world

The taste of professionals

The team for champions!

The key to success