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Composting facilities

Phase 1 facility

The Panbo phase I facilities have an insulated floor, insulated walls and an insulated roof. This results in an totally even temperature through the whole content of the bunker. The composting process results in a better quality substrate.

These facilities have been specially developed to comply with the strictest requirements.
There are several kinds of bunker systems, one can choose a phase 1 tunnel, an insulated
bunker, but also an open or a closed concrete bunker system is possible.
Optional are a water recycling system, and if desired an ammonia scrubber and a biofilter that gives a total odor free compost production.

Phase 2 and 3 facility

The new Self Supporting construction panels also had a huge impact on the phase 2 and 3 tunnels.

The polyester sheeted panels are very suitable for the construction of tunnels.

Due to the unique design of the construction details of the tunnels Panbo manages to build a very strong, fully sealed and optimally insulated building.

We can also supply all the necessary accessories such as the pulling and gliding nets, the pulling winch, the head filling machine,
the hopper, and the conveyor belts.