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For us turn-key building means turn-key support. We will support our clients throughout all the phases of the project.

During the orientation we can give advice in the kind and size of company most suitable, we can provide all the required data for the preparation of a feasibility study and of course we can show interesting projects and introduce our clients to people who are very successful in this business.

During the building process we will provide all the necessary guidance, although we have simplified the building process so much with our new concept that a local building crew is able to erect the entire farm with only a minimum of supervision. We will also give all the required information to execute and purchase the parts one can get locally. We believe that parts that are available locally at a cheaper price should be purchased locally, especially the parts that require service such as the electrical installation and possibly the boiler and chiller.

During the startup of the company, our climate division will monitor all the processes via the on-line connection with the Panbo computer and inform our client or take action when necessary. This ensures that the start-up will go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Panbo has its own mushroom farm which is being organized as a research and training facility. This enables us to offer our clients the possibility to be trained at a modern company by very experienced teachers. It is even possible to give a training for pickers.

Panbo also has a wide network of top mushroom growers and compost makers who are linked to us as advisers. This network allows us to offer our clients consultancy services ranging from answering questions and solving problems to regular based visits in person or via the on-line connection with the Panbo computer.