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Mushroom farms

Panbo systems bv has developed its own construction concept for mushroom farms.

In the traditional way of building the growing rooms are “build” in a building with a separate roof construction and a steel structure. Panbo already eliminated the roof construction with their “flat roof system”. And now the next step is taken by integrating the steel structure into the insulated panels.

In the Self Supporting Construction System, the entire building is erected out of sandwich panels which have integrated steel profiles. This makes the panels themselves strong enough to resist the wind and snow forces, even for countries with a heavy snow load.

With this new “semi” pre-fabricated system a local building crew is able to erect the entire farm with only some degree of supervision necessary from Panbo. And is able to do this in only a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional farm. It is clear what the consequences are for the construction costs.

The new system can be recognized by:

Low investments costs.
 Short period required for erection.
 Easy to extend.
 Possibility to pull down and re-erect the entire building.
 Low energy costs due to the high insulation value of the panels.
 Low cleaning costs because the panels have a none pore surface.
 Long life span due to the application of rust-free polyester panels.
 Limited number of seams because the panels are 2,3 meter wide.

The Self Supporting construction system
is developed to reduce building costs. Panbo has its own factory that produces these special panels. These panels have a filling of foam which can be EPS or PUR and are covered on both sides with a sheet of glass fiber reinforced polyester.

This glass fiber polyester has the following advantages:

 No delaminating between foam and sheet because of hot-meld glue.
 No delaminating between paint and steel because sheet is only one layer.
 100% rustproof.
 100% resistant against disinfection chemicals.
 In the event of damaging a panel, easy to repair.
 Easy to clean.